Blackjack Card Counting Pro App Reviews

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Very Gois and easy to play

Black Jack Trainer Pro

Very good!


Blackjack Apprenticeship is the best card counting resource out there, and this app is nothing shy of their quality and commitment

New Player

Just started with the trainer, and Im realizing I need more time with the app.

Good Purchase

Works as expected! Is pretty much the complete Blackjack Card Counting package. Includes Basic Strategy training with indicies (which is very helpful). One thing I would like to see added is some sort of bet spread training added as well. Other than that, very good app. One minor issue, the game seems to not stay on "Hit 17" when changing that in the options. The table graphic does not update with "Dealer hits soft 17", nor do the basic strategy rules update. All of the other options are working as intended.

Generally great, details need work

Got this app to practice card counting and basic strategy. I like the warnings you get when you make the wrong move. I wish there was a way to quickly check the card count—like a button on the main game screen that would show the current count so I could see if I was wrong. Currently, you can either show the count all the time or none of the time.

Great Little App

Useful for learning to count cards and practice blackjack strategy, this well-designed little app might not keep you from losing at blackjack, but should increase your odds of winning if you practice at it. Its easy to use interface makes card counting accessible to the most casual blackjack player. I recommend it.

No counting practice

Just plain black jack dont buy his app

Great App

Took me from a casual player that typically lost money to a card shark that routinely walks out with swollen pockets

Crap...dont waste your money if youre looking for a card counting trainer

BS app. Just spent $3.49 to be referred to the pay website for the card counting trainer. Dont be a sucker like me. Save your money

Best card counting app out there!

BJA never fails to provide excellent, top-notch training/products/advice

A must have

This is an app by the two card counters featured in the Holy Rollers documentary. Im more than satisfied with the app, I can practice blackjack with different rule sets and check the count. It also includes the charts youll need to memorize. Do yourself a favor and buy it; its less than the minimum at a table.

Some bugs

Okay app but there are issues in the drill section with entering the count. It will not take anything over 10 in the value Im typing. For instance, I try to enter 13. The 1 is fine and when I press 3, it changes the number to 7 instead of 13. This is very basic but makes the drill experience very poor. Please fix this!!!

Only a white Background no green felt?!?!

White back drop instead of green felt. It hurts the eyes after a while. Clunky interface with the drill mode. Entering the count is difficult.

Could be better

Im not sure if anybody else is occurring this problem for my background is completely white and the pixels on the cards are a little distorted. If it worked it would be a great app and a amazing training tool.

Please Add New Featuee

This app is great. Id love to see a feature that allowed you to only practice soft totals or splits, as these are less common and need more frequency to master.

Great Training Tool

This is the go-to app to learn how to beat black jack. Practice, practice, practice! This is the proving ground before you step up to the tables. Must-have for aspiring APs. Would love to see the shoe graphic in the Counting Drill that is used in the Basic Strategy sim to determine TC.

Springboard to More

Very good program when learning Blackjack skills in isolation (basic strategy, deviations, counting, bet spreads). Excellent program when learning to combine these. Will provide practice necessary to greatly improve your skills provided that you are willing to put in the work. Consider using this program in tandem with the Blackjack Apprentice website or, better, their bootcamp. Ben and Collin and the boys are excellent teachers who WILL prep you to be a proper blackjack counter - fine points, concepts and all. I like the gesture components of this app, though they occasionally (1 - 2% of the time) get misread. Particularly annoying when Double Down is read as a simple Hit.

Both beginners and advanced

Perfect app for learning strategy and not just showing up at a table making random decisions. I love that the charts are based on statistics. Better than playing on a blackjack app that doesnt let you know that you could have made a better move.

Great app!!!!!

This app is a must for anyone who wants to learn how to play blackjack the right way!

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